Promoting and Growing the Women Support Group in Fort Worth, Texas

Learn how your generous support helps drive greater social & economic change for women through research & education while promoting key issues.

Promoting and Growing the Women Support Group in Fort Worth, Texas

Your generous support helps us drive greater social and economic change for women through research, education, and promotion of key issues. We use our knowledge and experience to mobilize networks, resources and strategic voices, implement innovative investment strategies, and fund specific grants that help women and families, all to contribute to a more prosperous Texas for generations to come. Texas is renowned for its business-friendly environment, but it is also becoming a great place for women-owned businesses to thrive. Women are playing an increasingly important role in the US workforce, representing nearly 47% of the total.

They are also taking on ownership roles, such as business education, which is essential for the success of many startups. Unfortunately, women receive less initial funding than men to start and grow their businesses, and they often receive loans with less favorable terms. According to the National Council for Women Entrepreneurs, women receive less than 5% of government funding for small businesses and less than 5% of venture capital funding. Debbie Hurst, President of the Women's Business Council Southwest, believes that organizations like hers can help connect female entrepreneurs so they can learn from each other, develop partnerships and access decision makers. Access to capital is another major issue that needs to be addressed.

Specialized boot camps and accelerators can provide a community for women entrepreneurs to access the resources they need, such as financial support, mentoring, business development, hiring and workspace. DiVinc's 12-week pre-accelerator program provides the critical components women need to turn their ideas into scalable high-growth businesses. Norine Yukon, a member of the board of directors of the Texas Women's Conference, also offers advice for women entrepreneurs. Cecilia Abbott, First Lady of Texas, is committed to helping small businesses succeed through her office's small business forums around the state. These forums offer expert advice on funding, networking and marketing.

She also supports the Texas Governor's Commission on Women which was established in 1983. The commission provides access to training in business creation and ownership as well as financial support, legal assistance and business and employment assistance to hundreds of Texas women. The commission is also co-hosting the annual Texas Women's Conference which provides opportunities for networking and professional and personal growth as well as workshops for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Center for Women Entrepreneurs at Texas Women's University is another great resource that provides training, funding, mentoring and networking opportunities for potential business owners and students. The Comptroller's office manages perhaps the most important state program available for the certification of women-owned businesses as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). To qualify for HUB status a business must be owned by at least 51% of women or members of minorities or veterans with service disabilities who reside in Texas and are actively involved in the company. Specific strengths in the area itself can be used to attract and support growth.

However, just like launching a business these strengths require investment. Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW) supports both men and women around the world who share common interests such as empowering women in technology, increasing the number of female executives and encouraging girls to enter technology fields. ATW relies on financial contributions from individuals, families, companies, other foundations and private institutions that believe in supporting social change. The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) is committed to improving, promoting and protecting the interests of business financial and credit management professionals; representing business credit grantors in all industries; being a member-owned and managed association that exists primarily to serve and support its members; researching and evaluating benchmarks; promoting student sections at Texas Women's University and University of North Texas; providing opportunities for continuing education; conducting cooperative research; exchanging information among members; raising performance standards in all phases of human resource management in Denton County. Your annual membership gift helps support research, advocacy and grantmaking by the Texas Women's Foundation to drive positive change in economic security and leadership opportunities for women and their families. The foundation organizes three Giving Circles which allow its members to combine resources to provide impactful grants to effective organizations.

These organizations support YWLA students in STEM and visual arts careers with programs such as sending students to universities with prestigious art & graphic design programs or sending robotics teams like The Dork Side to world championship competitions. Peer-led & professional-led support groups are also available as safe spaces where people facing similar problems with infertility & starting a family can meet each other. The Texas Women's Foundation also welcomes & supports Giving Circles which are groups that have come together through shared experiences or interests. Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), this nonprofit professional organization enables collaboration & knowledge sharing across all engineering disciplines while promoting the vital role engineers play in society. By participating in a fun & supportive group of Toastmasters you'll become a better speaker & leader while gaining confidence to succeed on whatever path you've chosen in life. According to Census Bureau data American Express OPEN reported impressive growth in women-owned businesses in Texas.